Pigui Wallet

Loyalty Program for Small Business Owners

Pigui Wallet is a points platform that attracts customers to your brand, rewarding them with the percentage of their purchase you choose in Pigui Points. In this digital wallet, they can accumulate Pigui Points and use them to pay whenever they choose.
loyalty program for small business owners

Best Loyalty Program for Small Business Owners

Pigui Wallet is a loyalty program for small and medium-sized companies. Pigui Wallet users can be rewarded for all their purchases made in our affiliated places, through a digital wallet. Users will receive a percentage of their purchases in Pigui Points (1 Pigui Point equals 1 dollar) that they can accumulate and use to pay when they decide.

Product Features

Brand presence

You can be part of the best business in the city, all found in one same app.


Customers will always see your brand depending on their geolocation.

Digital Wallet

Forget about cards and coupons, reward your customers fast and easy.


Get in real-time data behind your customers and take informed desitions.

Push Notifications

Let your customers know about your promotions instantly.

E-Gift card

Promote your business to new audiences trough e-gift cards.

Control your customers loyalty from your personalized Dashboard

By affiliating your business to Pigui Wallet, you have access to the Pigui Member platform. An exclusive application for businesses, from where you can scan the QR code of your customers every time they make purchases / consumptions in your business. In this way, you can add the corresponding percentage of Pigui Points of your purchases and later make collections of them.
In addition, you will have access to an administration panel hosted on our website. Where you can check statistics and the following
information from your customers.
Customer name
Purchase History
Person who attended you
Real Time Service Rating
Purchase Frequency
Promotions and Personalized Discounts
Customer Birthday
Digital Wallet and more …
Loyalty Program for Small Business Owners

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Pigui Wallet increases loyalty straigth away, request a demo today.

Being a digital platform, Pigui Wallet’s return on investment is immediate. We invite you to watch this success story of one of our clients in the hospitality industry and how he increased revenue by investing in the loyalty of his clients.


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